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SmashAudio is a free mobile audio app developed by Biosec Solutions. It provides users with both online and offline audio services.

Online Functions: These functions require a stable internet connection for proper use. They include:

  • Streaming of both local and international radio stations directly to the user’s mobile device. This will be supported by an ever-growing database that will continue to provide users with more listening options as time goes on.
  • Recording of radio streams for later offline listening for the user. This will allow continuous access to great radio content that the user loves.
  • Sharing of audio (radio recordings and music) files with other registered SmashAudio users across a secured connection.
  • Downloading of lyrics for the user’s songs. The lyrics will be retrieved from our database that is consistently updated to provide the most up-to-date lyric information for both new and old tracks alike.


Offline Functions: These components can be accessed without the need for a constant internet connection. They include:

  • Offline playing of audio (music) files from the user’s mobile device. The app can play audio content from both the local storage and media card of a user’s mobile device.
  • Playlist creation and full playback of created playlists.
  • Customization of the “Now Playing” screen. The app allows users to choose their desired art style and arrangement from a selection of up to six different styles.

Highly customizable app colour scheme. The app allows users to design the app’s interface (screen) according to their preferred colour. The colours of the text and menu bars can each be separately customized to match the user unique taste.

SmashAudio can currently be acquired from the Google Play Store at


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