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BIOSEC Solutions can work with you to define an environment that mitigates unacceptable security risks and resources. We will walk you down the PKI security “rabbit hole” until you fully understand the risks and how they can be remediated in executing your mandate. We can show you how to architecture on the alignment of PKI and e-governance and how to meet Collusion requirements, Non-Repudiation needs, and Certificate Practice (CP) & Certificate Practice Statements (CPS) requirements in a technology and cost efficient manner

Forensic Analysis

Our consultants are internationally trained subject matter experts in Biometrics and document analysis, and have also worked with government institutions and Tribunals in Nigeria and abroad.

Entreprise Architecture

For every technology based information system introduced, we offer advice on how to restructure your organization to maximize the efficiency of the new processes. Our core strength is working with you to ensure that your new systems are compliant with regulations and global standards of use. Biosec solutions comprises of professionals who are skilled in management to enable a smooth transition to new operational practises.

Management of Information Systems

With our innovative approach, we offer unique solutions to managing your business processes through IT based platforms with a focus on streamlining costs, market expansion and maximization of outputs.

Identity Management Systems

Our highly knowledgeable professionals offer advice on large scale biometric programmes and the intricacies of sustainable biometric roll outs; data capturing, identity management, system security, and verification services. We also specialize in card based identity based on ISO 7816 specifications.

Training and Certification

We are a member of the Biometrics Institute – the independent, impartial and international organisation that promotes the responsible use of biometrics and industry best Practices. Our Biosec Solutions training on the implementation and use of Biometric Technology, as well as our certification programs, is shaped by industry best practice guidelines.

Person Authentication System

We have extended our knowledge of smart card technology, access control systems and biometric authentication devices to render lasting and easily scalable solutions to the needs of various private and government organizations. Biosec Solutions offers customized systems to tackle the specific needs of businesses. The services we offer ensure that organizations can manage personnel and similarly the government can manage its citizens with limited bureaucracy. By subscribing to our key solutions, we ensure the reduction of fraud and other malpractices amongst staff and citizenry.

Mobile Application Development

The demand and usage of mobile phones are on the increase, designing a purpose built app for your business and organisation opens up many opportunities. From opening up channels to interact with your clients to solidifying your brand. Biosec Solutions has a team of expert mobile applications developers leveraging their skills in understanding what your needs are.


Biosec solutions is an identity management consultancy with core biometrics, smart card and token based enterprise architecture and delivery strengths. Our goal  is to provide high technology systems and solutions to challenges paramount in the African space.


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