NIMC Diaspora

We are an official NIMC partner issuing NINs' and other services to Nigerians and legal residents.

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Police Biometric Crime &
Incident Management System

We are proud to be involved in designing, implementing, and supporting the Nigeria Police Force Crime and Incident Management System. Processes which were once manual have now been digitized. The system propels the Police into the 21st century as a data-driven intelligence-based e-Police force.


National Sexual Offenders System/Database

The sexual offender register is a documentation of reported, arraigned, or convicted cases of sex violations or abuse as defined by the VAPP Act 2015. The register is accessible to members of the public and security agencies. It has data on those convicted available directly on the website while other categories (such as those reported or arraigned but not convicted) can be accessed based on demand.

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Support and Maintenance

We pride ourselves as the local technology partners of the NIMC Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). We ensure that the national identity adjudicator is highly available and accurate in ensuring uniqueness of identity in Nigeria.


Data Preparation

Our solution does eID data preparation for the Nigerian National eID card and facilitates the chip and card body personalization of biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris), demographics, meta data, and ePKI data