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Megamatcher Accelerator

MegaMatcher Accelerator is a hardware/software solution that provides high speed and high volume biometric identification for national scale projects. With Extreme and Extended versions designed to run on a server hardware and perform fast biometric template matching on the server and the standard version and development edition designed to run on a common pc. The MegaMatcher Accelerator software comes is of four types designed to handle different case scenerios.

MEGAMATCHER DEVELOPMENT/MEGAMATCHER STANDARD: Intended to run on a PC with Intel Core i7 processor and 16gb of memory. Each PC with MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Standard or Development Edition software can store 4,000,000 fi ngerprints and 5,000,000 irises and 1,000,000 faces.

MEGAMATCHER EXTREME: Designed to run on server hardware with dual Xeon processors, GPU and at least 512 MB of memory. Each MegaMatcher Accelerator 10.0 Extreme unit can store 160,000,000 fingerprints, 200,000,000 irises and 40,000,000 faces.

MEGAMATCHER EXTENDED: Designed to run on server hardware with dual Xeon processors and at least 128 MB of memory. Each MegaMatcher Accelerator Extended unit can store 40,000,000 fingerprints, 50,000,000 irises and 10,000,000 faces.

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